Thursday, April 3

Thursday Fem-links

Photo Credit: Fanning The Flames of Menopause

  • Menopause - Long a taboo subject that was acknowledged only with humour 20 years ago, open debate about the life stage now rages
  • The Canadian Labour Congress issued a statement on April Fools Day praising the federal government for cutting taxes on women to compensate for the estimated wage gap between women and men.
  • Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign launched in Caledon Ontario to tackle domestic violence
  • Canada's national group Egale is spending a lot of its energy these days working to help Jamaican gays and lesbians (asking for censorship)
  • About a dozen members of a University of Calgary pro-life group defied administration Tuesday by erecting a controversial and graphic anti-abortion display in the heart of the campus.
  • The first principle of ecology -- that everything is connected -- helps us understand why there are links between apparently disconnected things, like the status of women and environmental sustainability.
  • Despite reports of its demise, the gap in wage equality between New York men and women is still very much alive, reports the director of The Howard Samuels Center.

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