Monday, September 24

Blog Roundup

Women lose as advocacy organizations close

NDP stands with women’s groups and so do the Liberals

Families gather in Edmonton against violence directed at aboriginal females

Young Canadian Aboriginal women are five times more likely than other women to die as a result of violence, according to government statistics

Despite what backlash has claimed, feminism is nothing more than the powerful notion that women and men deserve to be treated equally.

The view of polygamy as just another lifestyle choice has been countered by the growing evidence of communities rife with abuse.

Study finds that wives who don't express themselves increase risk of illness.

Mainstream porn has come up with more ways than ever to humiliate and degrade women. Why then, is porn more popular? Includes an excerpt from Robert Jensen's new book, Getting Off.

Girls Gone Mild: Are Feminists and Prudes Rebelling Against Slut Chic? Wendy Shalit's new book suggests there's anti-slut rebellion in the making.

Apparently, women who get tattoos are tramps, and tattoos on the lower back are "tramp stamps." Jesica Valenti at Feministing writes: It's so charming when a wannabe conservative pundit uses frat boy misogyny to get male approval.

A profile of the women who are Mexico's top environment-defenders. They've been at this since long before climate change became a prominent issue.

Rebecca Traister on TV's new gender order.

Women say they feel patronized when pink gadgets are marketed exclusively toward them? I'm shocked!

Extreme rich/poor divides - photos of poverty next to wealthy neighborhoods.

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