Wednesday, September 5

More women than men joining unions: Labour survey

For the first time in Canada's labour history, more women than men are joining unions, according to a recent Statistics Canada Labour Force survey.

The survey, which will be released on Sept. 7, shows that the number of women joining unions has increased steadily over the past decade.

Between January and June, 2007, the survey found 2,248,000 women were represented by unions while only 2,237,200 men were represented.

"With the current attacks on equality under the Harper government, unions have become all the more relevant for women with the work we do around human rights and equality," said Julie White, CAW Director of Women's Programs, in a prepared statement.

The numbers also reflect the presence of unions in typically-female industries such as retail, health care and hospitality. The CAW has fought for the funding of a woman's advocate role in many workplaces and has trained women for the position.

"Increasingly women see unions as more than just better wages and benefits," said White.

"Women see unions at the forefront of fighting for issues like child care and an end to violence against women."

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