Sunday, December 16

Bringing Young Boys Together to Work Toward a Future to End Violence Against Women

In unique partnership between the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC), Toronto Hydro, and the Status of Women Committee of The Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT), 100 Grade 7 & 8 boys will come together to learn about ending violence against women.

This full day conference will educate and inspire via interactive workshops on topics ranging from gender stereotyping in the media, and positive and negative messages in music. The main objective of the conference will enable the boys to understand what strength means, and learn what they can do to create a future with no violence against women.

"At the White Ribbon Campaign, we know it is critical to reach young boys with the tools and resources to challenge stereotypes around male violence. Without the amazing and progressive corporate support of Toronto Hydro, and the dedication to these issues of the Elementary Teachers of Toronto, it would be very difficult for us to reach this group of young boys." according to Todd Minerson, Executive Director of the White Ribbon Campaign.

Blair Peberdy, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs says, "Toronto Hydro Corporation congratulates The White Ribbon Campaign on its work in 2007."

"The Elementary Teachers of Toronto, Status of Women Committee is providing an opportunity for young boys to come together and begin to understand the inequities that exist in their classrooms and in society. As educators we recognize that it is important for young boys to understand how society can influence their perception and how they interact with others. This conference is an important step in achieving gender equity and in building positive relationships", said Sonia Ellis, Executive Officer for ETT.

The White Ribbon symbolizes a man's pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women. The White Ribbon Campaign is the world's largest effort by men to end men's violence against women. Started by a handful of men in Canada in 1991 on the second anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, there are now White Ribbon Campaigns in over 50 countries around the world. What began as an annual awareness week is now a year-round effort focusing on education and awareness, and challenging men around their role in ending violence against women.

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