Thursday, December 6

Sudbury City Council - only public and/or not-for-profit child care

The Sudbury City Council voted in favour to amend the Purchase of Service agreements so that in the future, only public and/or not-for-profit child care qualifies for any form of public funding.

The resolution "grandparents" the existing agreements with five for-profit operators.

Stated reasons are the threat to child care from large, corporately owned child care; the need to work towards a system of publicaly funded child care; concerns about quality in for-profit operations; the importance of local planning and mentions that other movements related to non-for-profit child care like Bill C303 and advocacy work to stop the licencing of for-profit operations.

Sudbury City Council Report on the issue of "For-Profit Child Care in Greater Sudbury" is attached. Sudbury joins Ottawa and Toronto in restricting public funding to public and not-for-profit operators.

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