Friday, February 1

I did not come to feminism for hatred...

Posting this quote below because it's worth saving - it is found in a post at Alas! A Blog regarding recent, much-disparaged thread on I Blame The Patriarchy which turned into a reprise of feminist arguments over transsexuality. The long thread provides many examples of feminist anti-trans arguments, as well as (thankfully) many feminist rebuttals. Here's my favourite rebuttal:

I did not come to feminism for hatred;
I did not come to feminism in order to use my power and privilege as a white, middle-class, cisgendered (*) woman to oppress a group of people more oppressed than myself;
I did not come to feminism in order to set up new hierarchies or take up the role of oppressor.
I came to feminism because I believed, and continue to believe, that as part of anti-oppression activism, feminist theories and philosophies can offer ways of being, thinking and relating which could make life better for all of us, whether we identify as men, women, or something else altogether.

* Cisgendered is a term meaning, roughly, “not transsgendered or transsexual.”

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