Sunday, February 3

Weekend ...hangin' ....this is what I "clicked"...

February is violence prevention month in New Brunswick

Is there a connection between the pop cultural fixation with unplanned pregnancies and the teen birth rate?

Alberta's dubious distinction of having the highest rate of domestic violence in Canada.

Three Calgary Muslim women have filed a human rights complaint against a local imam

The Bouchard-Taylor Commission's Hijacking of 'Gender Equality'

And so…….Jodie Foster finally came out?

An attempt to crack the woodchuck glass ceiling as reported previously on f-email fightback

A new report documents the effects of Manila's ban on contraception.

Hillary hatred finds its misogynistic voice A quick summary of sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Hundreds of Afghan women gathered to protest the kidnapping of an aid worker.

New research shows women in India are not only more likely to donate a kidney, they're less likely than men to receive a kidney transplant when they need one

Stereotypes of men as beer swilling, emotionally stunted brutes more brazen than stereotypes of women?

Ever wonder how the word “slut” oppresses women”?

Ever answered the heterosexual questionnaire?

The re-emergence of that awful poster that says ‘1 in 3 reported rapes happen when the woman has been drinking'. ……..would be more accurate to say 3 out of 3 rapes occur when the woman is in the company of a rapist

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