Friday, February 23

NDP decries treatment of women

Nancy Riche, NL NDP Party President said, "We are living in very dangerous times. The home of our provincial legislature is closed to a peaceful demonstration of MS patients who are demanding nothing more than medication, and women are threatened with arrest when they merely ask that the federal government honour Canada's commitment to equality of the sexes as laid down in our Bill of Rights and the government's own signature to the UN Convention on all Forms of Discrimination against Women."

The NLNDP supports the four demands that the women occupying the office of Status of Women Canada in St. John's have sent to the FederalGovernment:

  1. Rescind the decision to close Status of Women Canada offices in Newfoundland and Labrador and across the country.
  2. Reinstate funding for women's equality work including advocacy.
  3. Return to the original mandate of Status of Women Canada Women's Program
  4. A Meeting with federal Status of Women Canada, Minister Bev Oda or Prime Minister Harper.

LINK: StatusReport.

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