Saturday, February 17

REAL women need to get real.....I mean really...

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 evidence from the Standing Committee on the Status of Women is now available online:

Gwedolyn Landolt says: REAL Women of Canada has been around since 1983, when we were federally incorporated. We represent a vast cross-section of Canadian women-- Métis women, immigrant women--many, many women across Canada. One thing we've found is that the most discriminatory agency against us has been the Status of Women, because the Status of Women only represents, not women in general, but those having an ideology, that of radical feminism.

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Aalya said...

Isn't it interesting that R.E.A.L. Women chucks around the "F-word" (feminism) far more than any national organization advocating for the equality of women? Shouldn't we ask them what their definition of "feminism" is, anyway?