Friday, February 23

Women's direct actions gain momentum!

B.C. women stand in solidarity with our sisters in Newfoundland who are working toward our common objective, to insist on the integrity of women’s equality in this country

Following a morning celebration and send off for the program officer at the Status of Women Canada office in St. John’s, women staged a spontaneous occupation to protest the imminent closure of their regional SWC office and those across the country slated by the federal Conservatives.

Coming on the heels of a similar occupation in Vancouver last January, this occupation is one of a growing number of actions across the country that indicates women will not rest until the federal government restores equality as a mandate of Status of Women Canada

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Here's What YOU Can Do:

  • Circulate the article on your email networks
  • Consider having your union or organization issue a press release in support of women’s direct actions
  • You can support the PSAC members working at SWC. Send them an email! Close to 40 PSAC members will be losing their jobs on April 1 st , 2007 . Others will remain in place and do their best to fulfill SWC's mandate. Tell them we appreciate all their work on behalf of all Canadian women. Let them know we believe in women's equality. Let them know we are fighting back (

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