Sunday, February 18

YouTube's Halifax RadicalFeminist Valentine Videos

Three great new videos posted on YouTube

part 1 -- Cheering at The Women Are Angry postcard launch, protesting the recent cuts made by Harper's Conservative government. The plan is to swamp Stephen Harper's mailbox with heartfelt Valentines, telling him what women want this holiday -- EQUALITY. ... LINK: View video 1 here

part 2 Radical Cheerleaders at The Women Are Angry postcard campaign launch, protesting the cuts made by Harper's Conservative government.Because chocolates and flowers are played out -- but EQUALITY should last a lifetimeLINK: View video 2 here

Halifax Raging Grannies and Radical Cheerleaders team up for a collaboration like no other. Radically raging about the recent cuts to Status of Women, Stephen Harper better prepare himself for a massive surge of feminist resistance. ... LINK: View video here

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