Wednesday, February 14

REAL Women spokesperson stuns FEWO

Saturday, February 10th F-email Fightback posted the press release from "REAL Women" where spokesperson Gwendolyn Landolt complained that the hearings were a hoax today posted the unedited transcript of those hearings. Here's a sample:

Mrs. Irene Mathyssen: Thank you, Madam Chair.I do hope to have a chance to question all three of these witnesses, but I would like to start with Ms. Landolt.I'm a little confused. You said that you had never received any funding from Status of Women Canada.
Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: Very minor funding.
Mrs. Irene Mathyssen: Ah. Oh, that's different than none.
Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: No, $6,000, as opposed to millions and millions that were received from other women's groups. Our funding has been cut off entirely from 1996, and only under enormous—
Mrs. Irene Mathyssen: Actually it indicates here that you received $6,000 twice. I wonder, now that the funding mandate has changed, will you be applying for funding as you have in the past.
Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: Sorry, I missed that question.
Mrs. Irene Mathyssen: Thank you. And thank you for correcting the record. I wonder, do you think that equal pay for work of equal value is a laudable goal.
Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: No, it's a feminist concept. We do not agree with that. We think that wages should be determined by merit, by experience, and by the training.
Hon. Maria Minna: I want to start off with Ms. Landolt. I want say first, that Ms. Landolt, your disparaging tone, when you talked about LEAF as if they are....and your comment about, what have they done? Well, you may be aware of the rape-shield law
Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: Well, first of all a lot of what LEAF has done, for example, the rape shield law, we don't agree with. I'm a lawyer and I have another reason for that.

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