Saturday, January 26 in a new era of post-feminism?

The Globe and Mail reports :"It's official: Feminism is out of style"

"Ever since Clinton and her contemporaries crammed their way into law and business schools, we've been told by everyone from the cheerleading women's business networks to Virginia Slims that we've made it. Turning our backs on conventional feminism and its grinding focus on women's oppression, we empowered our daughters to embrace the more upbeat Girl Power movement. Candy-coating the world in Spice Girls tunes, pink-feathered purses and Sex and the City, we sold them a bill of goods: that women are as free and unencumbered as men, that they can achieve any goal they might dream of - even that the odds are in their favour. "

The hard truth is that we have failed to impress upon our own daughters that women's issues still matter.

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berlynn said...

Maybe the boomers have not impressed the importance of women's issues on their daughters, but I know a group of 16 and 17 year-old young women who are going to rock this world when they're in their 20's and 30's!