Thursday, January 24

The week the women left....

What would happen if all the women were to disappear from a town, leaving the men to not only work, but also take care of the family and the home?

Recent government statistics show that 70 percent of Canadian households are run by women. The majority of these women also hold full-time jobs.


Jennifer Smith said...

And my question is always - why would these women even WANT to marry guys like that in the first place?

Seriously, if my husband couldn't or wouldn't cook, vacuum or do laundry... well, he wouldn't be my husband.

Demand better.

Greg said...

just get pregnant and cook me dinner. Jeez! what's wrong with you

Anonymous said...

amen to that, sister! Just because I love you doesn't mean I want to do your laundry! lol

I demanded better and I got it :D My honey cooks and cleans more than I do. And for that I appreciate and treat him very well. They are out there ladies - as Jennifer said, you just have to demand better. You will get it. Just be good to them too when you do.

signed- happily ensconced with a good man for 11 years and never once did his laundry