Monday, January 7

You Mean A Woman Can Open It?

A new release of an old book - You Mean A Woman Can Open It?: The Woman's Place In The Classic Age Of Advertising - brings together images from the past......visit the Daily Mail to view more pics

Featured here: 1953: You don't need a knife, a bottle opener or even your husband to unscrew the cap of this bottle - just a little twist of the Alcoa HyTop Closure, made of pure aluminium, and that ketchup is ready to pour ........


Red Jenny said...

oh my

Larry Gambone said...

It is no wonder we have problems with a legacy of sick attitudes like this. And I am old enough to remember the 50's - it sucked big time, especially if you were a child, a woman, gay or a person of color.

I left this same comment with the Daily Mail as I was shocked to find that a lot of people thought the ads were alright and were even nostalgic about those times. What a bunch of dinosaurs!