Tuesday, January 22

MacKay, WTF?

aahhhhh......MacKay - the never-changing braniac Tory charmer.

We watched in horror at how he treated Belinda Stronach........how he held off Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf so that Harper could talk "hockey"and........... now (in the Kelowna Conservative stronghold) MacKay framed Canada's role in Afghanistan as that of a white knight.

According to MacKay, before Canada and its allies invaded, the Taliban controlled republic, he said, human rights did not exist, especially for women, who were not allowed to vote or participate in government.

MacKay said. "And here's a shocker. There are more women sitting in the parliament of Afghanistan than in the government of Canada."

Apparently the government of Canada is able to do more for gender equality in Afghanistan than it can within its own ranks.

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