Wednesday, January 16

Sexism at Bell

Two former Bell ExpressVu executives have filed a civil lawsuit alleging gender discrimination in the workplace by their former employers.In court documents, Fran Boutilier and Alison Green said they had to put up with a macho corporate culture that included sexist, vulgar language and being frozen out of drinking sessions with the "boys' club."

In July 2005, the two women attended an off-site retreat with a martial arts theme. They had to read The Art of War, wear war paraphernalia such as bandannas, costumes and props and participate in a judo class.

It was this last element that was "over the top," Green told the Toronto Star. While Boutilier was able to pair up with a woman from another Bell Canada department, Green refused to pair up with a man to practise kicks, punches and chokeholds.

Not long after the retreat, both women were fired.

  • Seems as though BellVu has dismissed 5 senior women at Bell and no men.
  • The number of women employed in senior management has declined from 25 per cent in 2004 to 17.7 per cent in 2006, the data show.
  • The percentage of women working at Bell ExpressVu – 38.3 per cent of its workforce – is well below the numbers for women available in the workforce – 59.3 per cent – for the jobs

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