Friday, October 19

Donalda MacDonald receives Grace Hartman award

By her nominators, she is described as a great ambassador for P.E.I. and CUPE, a wonderful leader who is “constantly spreading her love of the union” to new members and locals, and a tireless mentor to young women.

Audio: Donalda MacDonald wins the Grace Hartman award

Donalda MacDonald, an activist for more than 25 years, is the recipient of this convention’s Grace Hartman award.

Created at the 1999 convention to celebrate the leadership role of CUPE national’s first woman president, the award honours activism in the struggle for workers’ rights, equality and social justice. MacDonald is CUPE P.E.I. president and on the national executive board.“There really is no power greater than the union,”

LINK: Women Make The Union Strong

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