Friday, October 12

NDP leader Carole James has many concerns on Highway of Tears

NDP leader Carole James says she heard many concerns about the murders and disappearances of women along highway 16 when she worked for a first nations social services agency in Prince George several years ago.

And James says there are steps politicians could take to improve safety along the lonely highway.

"You've got to make sure transportation is available, there are many young women who can't get from community to community and need to for court proceedings, for health care issues, for family issues, so there are a range of things that government could have been stepping in to do, but I have to say that people didn't feel that the government was taking it seriously."

James says she also heard from many people in the first nations community who felt the RCMP were not taking the issue seriously.

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Anonymous said...

One thing that especially burns my biscuits was, for example, the report on the subject tonight on CBC, which did not mention one time that most of these women are aboriginal. Much like their coverage of the Pickton trial has not mentioned that a large share of the women who disappeared from the downtown east side were aboriginal. Comme d'habitude, systematic disappearance and murder of aboriginal women goes down the memory hole.