Monday, October 22

Feminism is here to stay

Feminism, is it a term of the past or an integral part of our future? How do young adults regard feminism and do they identify with it?

Lisa LeShane a fourth-year student at Memorial University of Newfoundland believes that "everyone is equal, despite their gender." But she also feels that feminism was more relevant in the past. "I do not feel like I have to fight for women's rights. I get the respect that I deserve from males and females."

Kathleen Khoury, a third-year accounting student at Memorial University, says "women now have more confidence in themselves. They have more opportunities then they ever have had before.

"There seems to be less emphasis on the word `feminism' itself. It still has meaning, but now that we're in the 21st century, the populace is starting to realize that men and women are in fact equals, and can work together in a respectful environment."

Jessica Ramsay, also a 3rd year student at Memorial University, says although she doesn't consider herself a "hardcore" feminist, she believes in equality and would not hesitate to fight back if she was treated badly because she is a woman.

"Feminism isn't a word of the past; it's just dormant now. It doesn't seem to come up until women start to get publicly abused, then it seems to get dredged back up."

Although society and gender equality are clearly advancing, feminism is, and will always be, an integral part of everyday life. Gender constructions will continue be an issue, even if they are not discussed by mainstream society.

We can only hope that the next generation will be wise enough to put differences in anatomy behind them, and look for the strengths in each other as unique human beings.

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