Tuesday, October 23

Sask NDP Propose 2000 More Child Care Spaces

Lorne Calvert feels his party is capable of taking care of families where the Saskatchewan Party and federal Conservatives cannot.

The premier is pledging to create 2,000 more child care spaces in Saskatchewan over the next four years, saying he wants to provide the best possible start for children.

The NDP has already worked to create 2,600 child care spaces since 2003, but Calvert says he wants to make sure every family that wants a space for their child can get one. He believes that's a vital service to provide for single parents who are looking to work or continue their education and families where both parents want to enter the workforce.

He believes that since the Conservatives slashed funding for spaces there is still a need -- and he feels the Saskatchewan Party's platform fails to provide for it, saying it only commits to maintaining the current funding levels.

Calvert made the announcement at the Steppng Stones Child Care Centre, which was created as part of the NDP's previous initiatives.

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