Tuesday, August 14

Bev Oda and Josee Verner have switched posts

Bev Oda and Josee Verner have switched posts -- Oda moving from the heritage and status of women files to minister of international co-operation and Verner taking over Oda's duties. Verner retains her responsibility as minister of official languages. Verner has mostly flown under the radar during her tenure as the minister responsible for the Canadian International Development Agency, but Oda has had to fend off calls for her resignation. She was forced to defend several of her party's decisions including $5-million in cuts to the administrative budget for Status of Women and the removal of the word "equality" from the department's mandate.

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Lucy said...

The cabinet shuffle means nothing if Verner and the conservatives don't rescind the changes to the mandate and the funding guidelines. So now, Verner is in charge of three different departments - which probably leaves her with even less time to 'minister' to the Status of Women Canada.

It seems to me that Oda was given the job of axe-woman and is now being shuffled out of the line of fire to save her from the heat. Perhaps Verner is just another Oda - just fresher.