Thursday, August 9

PM's hard choices replacing female ministers

Heritage Minister Bev Oda, viewed by many Tories as a weak communicator, is widely rumoured to be facing demotion to a lower-profile portfolio, such as National Revenue. The current Revenue Minister, Carol Skelton, could be dropped because she has announced she will not run for re-election.

The puzzle of cabinet-making is complicated by the fact that polls show the Conservatives have far less support among women than men – and opposition politicians will be quick to pounce if Mr. Harper reduces the number and influence of women in cabinet.

Some Conservative insiders speculate that Mr. Harper, who has only 14 women in his caucus of 125 MPs, will look to promote a backbencher such as Diane Ablonczy, Joy Smith or Lynne Yelich, or raise junior foreign affairs minister Helena Guergis to a bigger portfolio.

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