Thursday, August 2

International Federation of University Women's Conference in Manchester, England

Canadian Federation of University Woman (CFUW) will have more than 45 members attending the conference.

Because American groups are not attending this year, Canadians will be more prominent at the conference, which passes resolutions on many issues, which are then forwarded to the United Nations for review.

What's good for women is good for society. When women are well protected and treated with dignity and respect and with equality, the whole society benefits," said Brundige.

Some examples of the proposed resolutions this year are the advocating for health and hygiene programs for women and girls which will ensure comprehensive education in all facets of health, hygiene and disease prevention, investigation into the short and long-term effects of depleted uranium on humans and the environment, and take action in the UN to have the use of depleted uranium in armaments declared illegal under the international laws of war and liable to prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

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