Tuesday, August 21

Women have good reason for not liking or voting for Harper

Canadian women just don’t like him that much. Polls continue to point towards a growing gender gap for the Conservative prime minister.

According to recent polls, 71 per cent or more of Canadian women say they do not support Harper, and in Quebec it is even worse if you’re the prime minister of a minority government looking for a majority. As few as 14 per cent of Quebec women say they would vote for Harper.

These are tough numbers. Despite 20 months in office and a nearly free ride from the Liberals, Harper is no more popular today than when he was in opposition.

Last week’s cabinet shuffle was all about changing that. He is clearly hoping a few pretty faces will help him overcome his many deficits. Once again, Harper has underestimated the women of Canada..... Josee Verner, the photogenic Quebec MP who just took over the Status of Women portfolio from Bev Oda.

Oda failed miserably to convince Canadian women they have equality, and she was demoted for her botched efforts.

Harper doesn’t like it when his flunkies fail at their assigned tasks......

Unconvincing argument

In Oda’s case, she wasn’t able to get women to like her boss. Oda was unable to convince Canadian women that because we have rights under the Charter, this somehow translates into equality. And that the truth is merely some big lie being perpetrated by angry feminists.

At one point, Oda told the standing committee on the Status of Women that “we have to understand that if women are continually told they are not equal, they will continue to believe that. We say in Canada that everyone is equal.”

Easily said, but far too many Canadians know the difference. They are living it.

She was also unable to sell Canadian women on the government’s decision to cancel $3.7 billion in child-care funding to the provinces. This probably has something to do with the reality of women’s lives. Only 15 per cent of Canadian kids have access to regulated child care, which means their moms and dads spend a lot of time every day at work wondering how their children are doing.

Verner has a tough job ahead of her. She must persuade Canadian women that they ought to like and trust the prime minister.

The voting gender gap and Afghanistan are the two biggest problems facing “Canada’s new government.” And they are intrinsically linked. Women tend not to support war.

And why would Canadian women support Harper, when he doesn’t support them?

His caucus has a dismal 11 per cent female members, and he refuses to support measures that would increase female participation in his own party and in the political system. He took away child care. He told women advocating for equality that his government would no longer fund their work.

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