Thursday, August 30

Labour's gains threatened by Harper government actions

In a message prepared for Labour Day 2007, Paul Moist, CUPE national president andClaude Généreux, national secretary treasurer point out that Stephen Harper's government has operated behind closed doors, shutting out the very people his government is elected to serve.

  • They cancelled the Kelowna Accord that promised to provide housing,water, and education for Aboriginal people.
  • Child care agreements with the provinces were cancelled and a universal quality child care system was abandoned.
  • They are ignoring green house gas emission targets in the Kyoto accord.
  • Funding to women's programs, literacy, and court challenges have all been drastically chopped or eliminated.
  • Funding for municipal infrastructure renewal is inadequate and contingent on privatization through P3s.
  • Students are suffering under inadequate funding for post-secondary education.

Behind closed doors Harper is looking to minimize the impact of a strong labour force whether it is within Canada through inter provincial trade deals or in collusion with attempted partnerships with the US and Mexico, and the removal of barriers for the continued exportation of resources-both raw materials and human.

On this Labour Day, 2007 CUPE's national leadership is reiterating its pledge to move the union line forward. Those who attempt to erode public services and our manufacturing economy will be challenged by Canada's larges tunion. CUPE's primary effort will continue to be focused on building strong communities for our families, friends and neighbours


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