Tuesday, August 7


Collecting Child Care stories

Saskatchewan MP and Parliamentary Secretary Lynne Yelich has announced that she is collecting personal stories from women regarding their childcare experiences for use in a parliamentary debate of care for children in the fall.

Goldman Sachs, the investment bankers, not usually known for their radical positions, have clearly identified the economic and social importance of helping women balance paid work with children. Quebec has made considerable headway in this area. The coming debate in the House of Commons needs to hear your views too.

Send a brief summary of your experience (at-home parent, grandparent, tag-team, home-school, nanny, dayhome, daycare or other circumstance) to kenastonmp@sasktel.net .

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No To Polygamy

After studying the evidence of polygamy and sexual exploitation of minors in Bountiful, a community in southeastern British Columbia, a special prosecutor retained by the province says the chances of convicting anyone are weak. Instead, he is recommending to Attorney-General Wally Oppal that the province ask the B.C. Court of Appeal for an advisory opinion on whether the Criminal Code offence of polygamy can withstand a constitutional challenge.

Women Bloggers

Despite Pew research reporting that women are actually 50% of all people who blog, corporate journalists and independent bloggers alike often prefer to fall back on the hand-wringing question, “Where are the women bloggers?” They’d know the answer if they took the time to seek us out as news sources, read our commentaries or cover events such as BlogHer.

Angel Street

Iqaluit's new 'Angel Street' remembers domestic violence victims... to commemorate victims of violence was suggested to Iqaluit city council by provincialand territorial ministers responsible for the status of women, when they ... www.cbc.ca/canada/north/story/2007/08/03/iqa-angel.html - 35k - 2007-08-03"We thought it'd be appropriate to name a street that's going towards our women's shelter in memory of those that have either died or have been abused," Iqaluit Mayor Elisapee Sheutiapik said in an interview.

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