Saturday, August 18

Conservatives persist in insulting women

Recently appointed to cabinet, Calgary MP Diane Ablonczy told The Canadian Press Friday that women can rise up the political ranks more quickly than men, but generally, politics is not a career that interests many women. “Women generally place a higher priority on caring for their family – either their own children, or sometimes grandchildren, and sometimes older parents,” Ms. Ablonczy was quoted as saying.

That explanation drew a quick and fiery response from NDP MP Irene Mathyssen, who issued a press release criticizing the Conservatives' approach to women's issues and noting the NDP caucus is 41 per cent women.

“Now they're blaming women for having the wrong priorities,” she said.

  • The NDP strongly criticized Harper’s Conservatives for their persistent lack of understanding of women’s role in Canadian politics. The charge came following comments made by newly appointed junior cabinet minister Diane Ablonczy who suggested that women are less interested in a political career because their priority is caring for their families.

  • Dion uses controversial powers naming veteran party activist Michelle Simson as the next Liberal candidate in Scarborough Southwest.
    Mr. Dion defended his use of the rarely used appointment power on the grounds that it will help him meet his commitment of running at least one-third female candidates in the next election.


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...How about just appointing the most qualified individual to a post irrespective of gender? I can't stand quotas for the sake of political correctness.

Lucy said...

People in power are people in power - meaning that whether we like it or not, they have the POWER to control who enters the positions, and what positions they get. If men in POWER continue to want to be surrounded by other men in POWER, trust me, it's going to continue happening.
In this case, any woman who held any other view than the one Diane Ablonczy holds would probably not have the chance to be in her position - she'd probably be busy swearing at this column while working two part-time joe jobs to make ends meet while 'raising her family'. I you look closely, she may be gritting her teeth at the fact that both Ablonczy and the other male colleagues have the luxury of enjoying both a career and a family, while she - unfortunately- does not.