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March 8 - New CLC Campaign!!

On March 8, International Women's Day, the Canadian Labour Congress is launching a women's economic equality campaign – “Equality! Once and For All!”

An exciting year-long campaign, the CLC will use every opportunity to raise awareness about the lack of attention paid by politicians, employers and the media to the growing economic inequality of women, through the use of creative and innovative tactics.

By mobilizing union women to talk with their union sisters and brothers, with their families, the public, media, and politicians at all levels of government, this campaign will focus on important solutions; solutions like belonging to a union, creating an accessible, affordable, public child care system, minimum wage reform, pay equity, improving Employment Insurance, CPP, OAS and GIS. We know that these solutions are key to closing the wage gap between working men and women.

After twenty-five years of progress, the gap between the average wages of Canadian men and women have stopped narrowing and is now growing. Women workers of colour, Aboriginal women and women with disabilities face even greater economic disadvantages.

Help our campaign gain momentum throughout the year. Consider how you can incorporate this campaign into your union's or federation's work on equality throughout the year, up to and including March 8, 2009. There are many opportunities and ways to contribute.

Teach-ins are already have scheduled in over 30 communities across Canada. The number is growing daily. Visit the pages in this section of our website to learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved locally.

Contact our Women's Economic Equality campaign coordinators at 613-526-7424 or by email at for ways in which your union or federation can contribute to the success of this campaign.

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