Monday, March 3

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In the March/April 2008 issue of Briarpatch the writers embark on a decidedly anti-essentialist exploration of gender politics, covering everything from feminist homeschooling to feminist porn to partiarchy’s harmful effects on men’s health.

Nova Scotia Liberals passed a resolution Sunday calling for the province to pay for sex-change operations. The measure, which is non-binding, was the most contentious by far of the 18 resolutions adopted by Liberals during their annual general meeting in Halifax. The motion passed 80-48.

More on Sharon McIvor’s fight for gender equality in the Indian Act. “any Indian woman marrying any other than an Indian, shall cease to be an Indian”

The Coalition of Provincial and Territorial Councils on the Status of Women has produced a publication that Canadian Women Should Expect Equality Every Day

Some historical perspectives on women's equality in P.E.I. is well worth a visit

The “Unborn Victims of Crime act” (scheduled for a Parliamentary vote on March 5) is not only a foot-in-the-door to recriminalize abortion, it would also endanger the rights of all pregnant women, and violate women’s equality rights in general. Please check out the 14 Talking Points on the dangers of this bill. ...
Anyone not appalled by this piece of video should NOT be reading this website!

“Marry Him” was such a reprehensible lapse of editorial judgement, that some folks are revoking their subscriptions to the Atlantic Monthly

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