Saturday, March 15

Weekend Fem-links

More Fem-Links

  • One of the chief underlying causes of domestic abuse of women by men remains unaddressed - after years of awareness and continuing social activism. We are referring, of course, to the discrepancy that continues to exist between the wage of the average working man and the average working woman.
  • PSAC to appeal Federal Court pay equity decision......this complaint is at the quarter-century mark
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights was brought one step closer to reality yesterday, but a rightwing group is up in arms to stop the museum from "championing" homosexuality. REAL Women of Canada sent an action alert to its members about the museum last month. The group calls on its members to flood the museum's online public consultation process with conservative input.
  • Glenise Levendal is ready to return to South Africa, satisfied she’s made an impact.
    The women’s rights advocate is concluding two weeks of talks, meetings, presentations and handshakes in Atlantic Canada, cheering women and their efforts for gender equality and women’s rights.
  • With spring fast approaching it will soon be time for our farming families to begin another planting season. Unfortunately, on most farms, parents have poor or no access to subsidized, affordable, seasonally available child-care options.
  • Canon Linda Church is now in Canada as part of a pioneering investigation of women in church leadership. Feminist theology is developing new understandings on the role of women in the church.

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