Saturday, March 15

Masculinist loses defamation suit against "feminist radicals"

F-email Fightback has written previously about the British Columbia Supreme Court challenge where Fathers Rights Activist Ken Wiebe went to trial in his legal suit against "radical feminists" within Status of Women Canada and the Federal Minister responsible for SWC

Well, he lost his defamation suit over a report he said portrayed him as "hate-monger."

Wiebe's name, along with a link to his website, appeared in a 145-page research paper titled School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse, Policy Research.

The report, originally printed in French in 2003 and later translated into English, was funded by Status of Women Canada, a federal agency.

In his statement of claim, Wiebe listed various examples from the report which he said identified him "as a hate-monger and a danger to women" associated him "with racists, extremists, pedophiles, pornographers and terrorists" and asserted he had "committed criminal offences."

Wiebe also said he thinks the report likely cost him a government contract.

One of the examples Wiebe cited was a cartoon pulled from his website with a swastika with the bars altered to look like Fs atop a baby gesturing with its middle finger captioned: "We are all tired of feminaziism. So stop it, OK?"

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