Saturday, March 1

Weekend reading...Fem-links...

  • Quebec Lesbian couple finally has a family with the adoption of two tots. A film documents their long struggle. Watch a sneak peak of the documentary on YouTube (6 min)

  • ‘Is women-only space conducive to the aims of feminism?’ ........ ‘oh, but what about the men?’

  • Budgets are fundamentally political instruments. They reflect clearly who in society is winning, who is losing, and who is left standing still..... (read child care, pharmacare, women's equality...yadayadayada....)

  • If "A government monitors what it considers important" then whassup with N.B. women's council report that says women are STILL under-represented on government boards?

  • What about the corporate boardroom? They're graduating with MBAs in increasing numbers and working diligently to climb that corporate ladder. But something is going wrong.

  • A prominent organization representing First Nation women is dismayed that the British Columbia Government will not pushing for a second trial involving Robert Pickton for the deaths of 20 women.

  • A recent three-day, Ontario government-funded conference, brought together 850 police, health care and community workers to raise awareness, dialogue and seek solutions to the problem of violence against women.

  • Women must participate in all aspects of climate change debate, in particular decision-making on adaptation, mitigation, say speakers in women's commission

  • Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard the case of Honda v. Kevin Keays, a wrongful dismissal case dealing with the appropriate compensation for discrimination and harassment for employees with disabilities. One of the interveners in the case is Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), which has been kind enough to post its factum on its website. LEAF’s interest in Honda stems from the reality that the decision will have particular importance for women who experience sexual harassment and sex discrimination at work.

  • The Independent reports on the release of a new study by NGO Womankind called "Afghan Women and Girls Seven Years On". (See Womankind's "Five Years On" report here; so far the new report doesn't seem to be online.) The report says that life is just as bad for most, and even worse in some cases...

  • Ottawa quashed safety regulators to restart a potentially risky nuclear reactor, imperilling its citizens for the benefit of a private company, despite the availability of backup isotope supplies from abroad...we're so suprised....Will the Tories admit that they fired Ms. Keen in order to pave the way for the privatization of AECL?"

  • In order to change the lives of women, the world needs to be changed, but also, in order to change the world, the lives of women need to be changed. Both at the same time and right now!

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