Sunday, July 15

Alpha Male: Conrad Black - 'nuff said

The myth of the alpha male finally bit the dust last week. Conrad Black, the erstwhile media baron and master of the universe, faces up to 20 years in prison, having been convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice. In a classic tale of rampant, hubristic masculinity, Black stole millions from his shareholders to maintain the facade that he was a jet-setting corporate titan who belonged among the world's elite. The former Telegraph chairman now faces swapping power lunches for open-plan latrines.

Black might now be in disgrace, but his domineering swagger was vital to his success. He maintained a belligerent, self-assured persona, convincing himself of his divine right to rule, to ensure others fell for it too. Had Black ever displayed the beta male qualities of doubt and diffidence, he would never have got away with so much for so long.

LINK: The Guardian

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