Monday, July 16

Sex Workers - Talk Back

Sex workers are often the "objects" of study for academics and policy makers. Theories about their lives and the policies that affect their work are usually developed without input from the sex workers themselves, as they are rarely seen as capable of analyzing the social and political world in which they work.

In this book, however, sex workers set the tone. Leslie Ann Jeffrey and Gayle MacDonald interview sex workers in three Maritime cities and those who work around them: police, health-care providers, community workers/advocates, members of neighbourhood associations, and politicians. The sex workers discuss such issues as violence and safety, health and risk, politics and policy, media influence, and public perception of the trade, portraying the best and the worst facets of their working lives and expressing sentiments refreshingly at odds with commonly held opinions.

Given recent Parliamentary recommendations to decriminalize prostitution, Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back represents a timely shift to public discussions about sex work. Engaging and accessible, this book will be of interest to public policy practitioners, students of social and political science, community advocates, police, and sex workers and their families.

The Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health and Stepping Stones, along with the Dalhousie Women's Centre, are hosting a book launch for "Sex Trade Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back" by Leslie Ann Jeffrey and Gayle MacDonald.

The book launch will also include a stage reading from the Taboo Theatres of 'The Whores'.
Where: FRED. at 2606 Agricola St., Halifax
Date: Thursday, July 19Time: 7:00 pm
For more information: (902) 404-3831

LINK: Report 6 - The Challenge of Change: A Study of Canada's Criminal Prostitution Laws (Adopted by the Committee on December 12, 2006; Presented to the House on December 13, 2006)
LINK: Government Response: Sixth Report of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, "The Challenge of Change: A Study of Canada's Criminal Prostitution Laws" (Presented to the House on March 30, 2007)

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