Saturday, July 14

Senator Elaine McCoy's newly launched blog, "Hullabaloos"

Senator Elaine McCoy's new website and blog are worth a visit from both a web design and senate infosource perspective.

The flash intro on Senator McCoy's background,, is quite interesting. Other Senator's websites are quite standard by comparison.

The actual blog, Hullabaloos, is well laid out and user friendly and a useful bookmark for news junkies. There are sections like news, views, reading room and guest editorials.

Quoted Background on Senator McCoy:

"Sitting in the Canadian Senate as a PROGRESSIVE Conservative from Alberta, McCoy adopts neither the Liberal nor the Harper government's Conservative party line, and presents a unique insider's perspective on Senate debates and deliberation.

Recent blog entries include commentary on the Senate budget vote --including Senator McCoy's amendment regarding income trusts -- and Kyoto, as well as Senate and other activity on such topics as safe injection sites, RCMP reform, climate change, Senate reform, and much more.

Trained first as a lawyer, Senator McCoy came to politics when she was handpicked by Peter Lougheed to replace him as an MLA in his Calgary West riding. After a successful election, McCoy was quickly promoted from rookie MLA to Premier Don Getty's Cabinet, where, over the years, she held several different Cabinet positions, including Minister of Labour.

In recent years, she has been President of the Macleod Institute( ), a think tank headquartered at theUniversity of Calgary, and the Chair of Alberta's Climate Change Central, a multi-stakeholder organization formed to address climate change in the province (

She was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005"

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Anonymous said...

I just had a look at this website. It's good. Its way better than most political sites and has alot of inside info. A must for politicos.