Monday, July 16

Steinheim on "chick flicks" and "prick flicks"

. . . . . to the Young Man on the Plane from Los Angeles to Seattle Who Said of the Movie That Most Passengers—Male and Female—Voted to Watch, “I don’t watch chick flicks!”

If we have chick flicks, Steinem proposes, we should have “prick flicks” as well (shortened for length):

The simple label “prick flick” could lead you easily and quickly through the thicket of televised, downloaded and theatrical releases to such attractions as:

  • All the movies that glorify World War II…
  • All the movies that glorify Vietnam, bloody regional wars, and the war on terrorism…
  • All the movies that portray violence against women, preferably beautiful, sexy, half-naked women
  • All the movies that insist female human beings are the only animals on earth that seek out and even enjoy their own pain…

Of course, Steinem has a good point: these films aren't categorised as "prick flicks" because male is the default human catagory

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