Saturday, July 14

Feminist Mags - Leading from the front page

Six feminist magazines have launched in the UK in the past 18 months. Proof, says Jess McCabe, that the movement is being rejuvenated by a new breed of activist

Young feminists have focused on creating an alternative that doesn't simply avoid everyday sexism, but actively confronts it. As Barnes says: "Seeing adverts every day that tell me I must look and act a certain way in order to be fully complete as a woman, well, it just annoys me. I feel I must produce something that can counteract these negative messages."

While these 6 new magazines currently operate on a fairly small scale, it's notable that many successful, international feminist magazines had a similar provenance. In 1996, Bitch magazine started with 300 copies, as a photocopied zine; 11 years later it has a worldwide distribution of around 47,000.

LINK: The Guardian
LINK: KnockBack "arguing against the notion that high heels are empowering"
LINK: Uplift! "a magazine for women that won't be put down"
LINK: Subtext

INTERESTING NOTE : It's goodbye to Jane, the magazine for 20-somethings created a decade ago by editor Jane Pratt. Two other magazines for young audiences that recently stopped publishing print editions, Teen People and ELLEgirl

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