Saturday, July 21

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada respond to CBC report about the health of young Inuit children

The CBC (July 17, 2007) covered the CanadianMedical Association Journal article entitled Links Between Poor Indoor Air andRespiratory Infections in Inuit Children. This article contains startling statistics and the correlation between the appalling overcrowded housing and the health of Inuit children.

The statistics are surprising for most, but nothing new to Pauktuutit President Martha Greig, "Pauktuutit staff has been describing over and overfor the past twenty years the appalling conditions for Inuit and have made presentations and statements similar to those of the Canadian Medical Association Journal for the past ten years. We've even laid out exactly what's needed to relieve some of the conditions."

Martha Greig is referring to Pauktuutit publications and presentations to Government of Canada Committees, including to the Lieutenant General the Honorable Romeo Dallaire, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and theUniversity of Guelph.

There are fundamental principles that need to be applied in actions taken concerning the housing crisis.
  • Inuit representatives should be included asactive partners of the policy making process, including local housing associations;
  • appropriate community representatives must be fully engaged by policy and decision-makers,
  • housing programs must include enhanced opportunities for Inuit women to build personal and community equity, and
  • policies and decisions affecting housing must not victimize people seeking assistance or safety.


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