Monday, June 25

Does this mean pro-lifers like CBC?

Something is going on. Blogger Tamara caught wind of it...... The CBC Wish List has been hijacked by pro-lifers!

There's only one week to go and CBC must be really happy about that......last Friday - within 30 hours - the wish list witnessed some pretty strange things happening on the Great Canadian Wish List. In the course of an hour, one wish received more than 900 votes. In fifteen minutes, another wish got another 400.

Suzuki's wish for the environment? and student's wishes to end the war? ...Gone.

As of today, the top 5 wishes are:

  • Abolish Abortion in Canada
  • I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice
  • For a spiritual revival in our nation
  • Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage
  • I wish tuition fees would be either lowered or eliminated

Normally when you make a wish you keep it secret. This Canada Day, CBC wants you to shout it out....................I like the last one...........

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