Saturday, June 23

Yellow ribbons, pro forma epitaphs and "kiddie camouflage" fashions...

Women’s opposition to war goes back a long way in human history and is based on the fact that 90% of war casualties are civilians. 80% of whom are women and children ...

In the weekend Toronto Star, Rosie DiManno writes: " Every Canadian fatality in Afghanistan has an addendum, a pro forma epitaph: "We mourn the loss ..."; "The deaths of these brave men will not be in vain ..."; and "They died doing what they believed in ..."

All of which is true. And if the statements issued by the International Security Assistance Force press office often read shallow and interchangeable, it's because dying is a fact of living in an active military, with soldiers in combat.

In another article, Susan Whelehan is a Toronto-based teacher, writer and peace advocate writes that: "There's no escaping camouflage fashions" Susan says that as an elementary schoolteacher she sees children wearing this clothing every day.

"Do they really think I can't see them? I can. The camouflage doesn't work on a city street, at the grocery store, in the classroom or even in the park. I wish it did. Then I wouldn't have to spend so much time wondering why parents would dress their precious children like soldiers ready for combat. "..........."Or are they trying to make me believe that the only way to peace is through war? I don't get it. I won't buy it. And I wish I didn't see it."

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April Reign said...

On the one hand camo fashion does seem like, and I am sure is intended to be, in your face rah rah pro war mentality.

However, I can also remember in the 60's/70's when kids wore military type clothing to protest the war.