Tuesday, June 5

Status of Women FINALLY posts guidelines for women's equality funding

As many women's organizations find themselves in "crisis funding mode", SWC has FINALLY provided their promised guidelines on their website.

The SWC Women's Program aims to achieve the full participation of women in the economic, social and cultural life of Canada. The Program will be delivered through two components.

Women's Community Fund

The Women's Community Fund is a grant and contribution fund of $12.3 million to support projects at a local, regional and national level.

The Women's Partnership Fund

The Women's Partnership Fund is contribution funding of $3.0 million for collaborative projects that involve non-governmental organizations in partnership with public institutions and other levels of government.

Don't Bother Applying If:

  • Your organization is a "not-for-profit" but you are NOT incorporated (An organization that is not incorporated and wishes to apply to the Women's Program for funding must partner with an incorporated organization which agrees to apply to the Women's Program and take financial and administrative responsibility for the project on their behalf.)
  • Your organization is a union or a cooperative
  • Your organization does capacity building
  • Your organization does research and polling activities;
  • Your organization does advocacy activities and lobbying of federal, provincial and municipal governments;


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