Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day: "While a father may not be entitled to take the same pride in his sperm as he does in his kids, it’s fair to celebrate the single-minded cellular commas that helped give those children their start," writes Natalie Angier, who writes clinically (and humorously) about the cells that make dad dad.

Meanwhile, Canadian Institutes of Health Research experts are exploring "the biological forces that forge the father-child bond" -- specifically that "dads-to-be have showed higher levels of estrogen and prolactin and lower levels of testosterone than non-expectant men." And Peggy Drexler writes at Women's eNews about the evolution of father-daughter relationships.

Plus, Broadsheet points to a conservative blogger's hilarious take on a study by a Yale researcher that found male congressmen who have daughters are more likely to vote in favor of legislation concerning women's issues than those without daughters. The study was covered by USA Today.

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