Wednesday, June 6

You can "Step it Up!" Here's How

"Sexual Harassment Awareness Month" comes out of many years of hard work by women in the rape crisis and labour movements in Ontario.

"Step it Up!" is a message from women to the Province of Ontario. "Step it Up!" wants better, faster government action to end violence against women.

All governments say they care, but they don't often show it with effective action. Governments have either given small, unpredictable resources to under-funded women's and equality-seeking organizations or have expected more and more financial support to come from private citizens. Organizations and services are grateful for the crumbs they get to work with women and children who are victimized, but it's not enough.

You have something to say about stopping violence against women.

Survivors, women's advocates, equity groups, unions, children and youth groups, school and churches, businesses, government representatives and individuals — anyone — can send a message to government to step up its action on ending violence against women now.

"Step it Up!" has ideas on ways to speak out. You might come up with even better ones!

"Stepping it Up!" Ideas

Endorse "The Step It Up!" Campaign
Get Your Politicians To "Step It Up!"
Help Your Community "Step It Up!"
How Kids Can Help "Step It Up!"

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