Wednesday, June 6

NDP MP outraged at changes to Women’s Program

“This Conservative government didn’t listen to women and has officially removed equality from the mandate and eliminated any research or advocacy funding. This is an assault on the women’s movement in Canada,” said Irene Mathyssen, Status of Women critic for the NDP.

“This government is side-stepping its role and forcing organizations to find funding from outside sources before committing any federal funding. This leads to organizations depending on charity, not merit, for funding.”

To be eligible for funding under the new mandate, organizations must have proof of another source of funding in writing. Organizations are also restricted from applying for funding for research, lobbying, and pre-existing programs.

“These restrictions make it impossible for organizations to plan, or to engage in any long-term projects,” said Mathyssen. “There is no room for capacity building, there is no core funding. If this government were truly interested in addressing women’s rights they would invest in core funding for programs that work to eliminate women’s inequality in Canada.“

“We are now taking steps backward on equality rights instead of forward,” said Mathyssen. “By shutting offices, changing the mandate and cutting funding, Bev Oda is not promoting women’s rights. The Conservative Government is not committed to promoting women’s equality,” continued Mathyssen. “They are abandoning women in this country.”


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