Wednesday, June 6

Vancouver Women To Demand Housing June 8

In response to the growing violence of poverty and homelessness, women in the Downtown Eastside and the Power of Women to Women Group are joining together to organize for and demand safe and long-term affordable housing.

According to the 2005 GVRD Homelessness Count, there has been an increase of 60% in the number of homeless women since the 2002 Count, with shelter beds available for no more than 50% of homeless women. Cuts to income assistance, legal aid, women's centres, attacks on women's advocacy and support services, the lack of childcare support, rising costs of living and housing, and low-income work all have had devastating impacts on women. Overall, the number of homeless people has doubled to approximately 2,174 people in 2005. It is estimated that the rate of rapid gentrification leading to the Olympics will triple the number of homeless in Vancouver.

This march is also being organized in solidarity with sisters in the Women Against Poverty Collective in Toronto, who on June 3 are organized a housing takeover in Toronto to draw attention to the links between safe housing and women's ability to live free from violence.

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