Monday, June 4

N.B. Child Care Coalition Welcomes Public Consultation

The N.B. Child Care Coalition is pleased with the provincial government’s decision to hold a public consultation on early learning and child care in June, including an Internet survey and focus groups.

There are over 99 000 children under the age of 12, in N.B. …and 14 170 regulated child care spaces, which means 86% of New Brunswick children do not have access to regulated child care services.

The Coalition considers this to be an alarming situation. Coalition spokesperson Jody Dallaire says “Let the government of New Brunswick know that you demand quality, universally accessible, non-profit, publicly funded and regulated child care services, with trained and adequately remunerated staff, for all children who want or need it,” she says.

LINK: Media Release
LINK: Discussion Paper
LINK: Survey deadline June 30, 2007

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