Sunday, June 3

NAWL Conference Info - online soon!

The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) held a successful conference this past May 11-12 and 14.

Supported by some 40 women of diverse backgrounds, ages, organizational affiliations, and expertise, on the Monday May 14th Lobby Day, NAWL secured meetings with the following: · NDP leader Jack Layton, and several key Caucus Critics (Status of Women, Justice, Immigration, Finance) · Key members of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women · The Liberal Party Women’s Critic and several other Party Critics

A first-time experience for many of the women to address parliamentarians about issues of concern to women’s equality, during these meetings, we informed Parliamentarians of the key issues raised during the "Mothering and Law" Conference that NAWL will be pursuing in the coming months.

Moreover, during Question Period, four (4) members of the opposition (Irene Mathysson-NDP, Maria Minna-LIB, Lynne Beauchamps-BQ, Belinda
Stronach-LIB) made Statements in the House of Commons in support of the equality-seeking work done by NAWL and notably those raised during our NAWL Conference on "Mothering and Law".

REFERENCE MATERIALS ONLINE If you would like more information about NAWL, our issues, Conference discussions and/or concrete recommendations flowing from the NAWL Conference around women’s rights as mothers, the following will be available on the NAWL website ( very soon:

  • NAWL Conference Publication
  • NAWL Lobby Day Information Sheet
  • Report-back from the Maternity/Parental Benefits Workshop
  • Report-back from the Pay Equity Workshop
  • Latest edition of Jurisfemme
  • Information on our "Stayin’ Alive" Campaign

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