Tuesday, June 5

In memory - Editha Mangaoang

A workshop was held near Brantford to help local agencies better serve immigrant women.

Immigrant women might come from drastically different environments, and may not know their rights. They may be unaware of things Canadians take for granted, such as calling 911.

For example, some women don't want to report abuse because they fear their husbands will have them deported. They also fear that the Children's Aid Society will take away their children

Shiela Farrales of the Philippine Women Centre of B.C. said violence is a problem because immigrants face intense pressures."The majority of our community are live-in caregivers," she said. "

Sponsor families are essentially strangers. Domestic workers struggle to survive. We're stuck in low-income jobs.

"Women are more vulnerable to physical and domestic abuse. One of the effects is violence against women. The tragic result is Editha, 41, who disappeared on May 8, and her decomposing body was found on May 23 wrapped inside a box in a parking lot in Richmond,

"When we hear of abuse and even killings . . . it causes us to organize our own community with more urgency. ", said Shiela

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