Wednesday, May 16

Alberta - "Basically zero child care spaces available"

Alberta’s childcare industry to get a boost: In response to the ongoing lack of child care spaces across the province, the Alberta government will invest an additional $16 million toward its Five-Point Child Care Investment Plan.

The boost in funding will be put toward attracting and keeping qualified staff, creating more child care spaces and making the service more affordable for middle to lower-income parents that wish to work or attend school.

"Basically zero (spaces are available)," Severson said. "We’re just struggling with the children that we have in care right now. If a child leaves, we’ve already got a waiting list to fill a spot.

Unfortunately, all people can really do is come in and put their name on the waiting list if they wish to, and we’re always looking for providers."

According to a Statistics Canada survey, each province saw significant increases in the number of non-parental child care rates between 1994-1995 and 2002-2003 except for Alberta.

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